Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Breeze Thru the Bible Tool(s)



Well done if you made it thru, keep going if you are still playing catch up.

Thank You for Joining us on the Adventure
Breezing Thru the Bible in 2016
this blog resource will always be here if you need it again this year
but we would like to refer you to our most effective tool...

Intro to Chronologically Reading Thru the bible in a Year
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am I reading or am I READING?

One great obstacle to overcome, as those familiar with the bible, 
is that we are familiar with the bible.  What I mean to say is that we have a tendency 
to read the stories of the bible without realizing our part in the Story of the Bible.
The ancient script seems so other worldly that we may miss READING it into
my own life experiences.  We dismiss it as history at best, when at the very least
it should drive us towards transformation... as it did this Jewish Man
Really READING and Discovering 
as One Unified Story that 
Leads Us to Jesus...
is the point
may every READING of it make that Point!

Friday, December 16, 2016

2017 Is Gonna Be Bible Project Awesome!

For those of you that missed our BreezeThruTheBible 2k16
this blog of BTTB will remain for you, however if you would like a 
ShortCut - go straght to
and check out all the helps or gear up for 
a chronological read thru in 2k17
It is Gonna Be Bible Project Awesome

Read Scripture: Revelation Ch. 12-22